Who We Are


Piva is a VC firm on a mission to back visionary founders and emerging technology companies bringing new software and hardware solutions to the world’s industrial and energy markets. Founded in 2019 and backed by one of the world’s largest energy firms, we invest in early to growth stage companies across the globe.


Piva operates as an independent VC firm with a dedicated team that makes big bets and has the perseverance to turn big ideas into reality. We look for cross-industry technological solutions with substantial deployment value and scalable market potential, managed by driven executive teams with high entrepreneurial drive. 

Piva typically invests in three technology verticals: 

The Future of

  • IIoT, AI, robotics and automation
  • Future of work
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Additive Manufacturing

The Future of Materials and Production

  • Specialty chemicals and new materials
  • Resource efficiency
  • Alternative feedstock
  • Waste to Value, Circular Economy

The Future of
Energy & Mobility

  • Energy transition and decarbonization
  • Electrification & automation
  • Digitalization of mobility


Piva is more than just smart capital. We have aaccomplished, connected and passionate team that understands the complex technical challenges facing industry and energy today.  

Backed by a global Fortune 500 energy company, our portfolio has access to our partners and professional networks that spans 90 countries and 6 continents. We help startups access new markets, leading corporations and the technical experts needed to build the future of industry and energy. 

We’re decisive, fast-moving, engaged and committed to helping companies jump-start innovation, fuel growth and create exponential value.